Birth School


If you are a foreigner, we can offer you an English course for preparation of Childbirth.
For the couples who are from different countries, just arrived in Poland or just started learning Polish, but don’t fully understand the language and/or cannot or do not want to participate in a group course.
The individual course consists of three meetings of 1.5 approximate hours each. We adjust the dates of the meetings according to the preferences of the Pregnant Woman / Couple.

We advise you to schedule your participation in these meetings between weeks 20 and 38 of pregnancy.


This course will also suit you in case:
– your doctor advised you to take a sparing lifestyle or lie at home during pregnancy
– this is the next childbirth and you only want to remember some issues
– meeting hours of other courses prevent you from participating in classes
– you prefer the privacy of your home
– you feel better in individual contact with the instructor than in a group


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