Why and how should we break down barriers to physical activity during pregnancy and postpartum?

15.09.2022 16:00

One of the biggest paradoxes is that many women limit or even give up exercise
during pregnancy for fear of the health and safety of their unborn babies. Given current
scientific evidence, such behaviour is not only unnecessary, but can even harm the offspring.
In this webinar, we will answer how different types of exercise during pregnancy can affect a
child’s development. We will also discuss the important benefits of exercise for the mother,
including the positive effects of exercise on overall well-being and quality of life.
True, it is difficult to fight stereotypes… Therefore, you will receive short tips on how
to overcome the barriers to physical activity during pregnancy. We’ll discuss what exercise
professionals working with pregnant and postpartum clients need to deal with. We will also
present the latest EuropeActive lifelong learning qualification „Exercise in Pregnancy and
Postpartum” and professional training developed within an international NEPPE project ‘New
Era of Pre and Postnatal Exercise’.
We have invited internationally recognized scientists and practitioners in the field of
exercise during pregnancy and after childbirth to participate in the discussion. Based on their
many years of research, we will convince exercise professionals to update their professional
This webinar is aimed in particular at fitness instructors, personal trainers, yoga and
Pilates teachers, exercise specialists, physiotherapists, as well as training providers, health
professionals and pregnant and postpartum exercisers. We are waiting for you and your


Our experts:
assoc. prof. Linda May, the East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, USA,
the Co-Chair of the American College of Sports Medicine Pregnancy and Postpartum Special
Interest Group
assoc. prof. Miguel Angel Oviedo Caro, the University of Seville, Spain
dr Lou Atkinson, Aston University, Great Britain
assoc. prof. Simona Pajaujiene, Lithuanian Sports University, Lithuania
assoc. prof. Anna Szumilewicz – the NEPPE project coordinator, Gdansk University of
Physical Education and Sport, Poland
Event organizer: Super Mama Birth School and Gdansk University of Physical Education and
Sport, Poland

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